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It is a destination based tax on consumption of goods and services. It is proposed to be levied at all stages right from manufacture upto final consumption with credit of taxes paid at previous stages available as set off. In a nutshell, only value addition will be taxed and burden of tax is to be borne by the final consumer.

The tax came into effect from July 1, 2017 through the implementation of One Hundred and First Amendment of the Constitution of India by the Indian Government. The tax replaced existing multiple Central and State Government taxes.

The tax rates, rules and regulations are governed by the GST Council which consists of the finance minister of central and all the states. GST is meant to replace a slew of indirect taxes with a unified tax and is therefore expected to reshape the country’s 2.4 trillion dollar economy. GST tax rates vary from 0% – 28% depending on the type of service or Nature of Goods Your business is selling.



GST (Goods and Services Tax) is essentially an Indirect tax which has been implemented to replace numerous taxes in India. Online GST registration was passed in the Parliament on 29th March 2017 yet it became effective on 1st July 2017 in India. As per the changes in the 32nd council meeting, the threshold limit for GST registration is 40 lakhs for the supplier of goods and 20 lakhs for the supplier of services. Along with that, the North-Eastern States have an option to choose between 20 lakhs and 40 lakhs.

Online GST registration can be easily done by visiting Online GST portal. It is easy to fill the form on GST online portal yet at the same time you require the expert’s to fill the form with accurate information and submit the documents accordingly. Few of the terms while drafting for GST registration cannot be understood by many of the taxpayers. Therefore at the initial stage GST registration should be done with the help of experts and here at Legaldocs, you will be able to get done with your GST registration with a simple and quick process.


Get GST Number

Day 1

Drafting, Payment and Document Upload

Our Team will consult you and help you with the drafting and Documents

Action Required by you

You need to fill up the simple form by logging in on  website, make the payment after drafting. Upon Successful payment Document Upload section will be visible to the customer.

Action By

will Provide you free of cost consultation on eligibility, Documentation and Drafting

Day 2

Application Submission

Application will be submitted to GST Department with necessary details and documents. In this step TRN and ARN are generated.

Action Required by you.

You need to share OTP which you receive on your phone and Email ID.

Action By LegalDocs

We’ll work hard on the application and submit it to GST Department.

Day 9

Application Scrutiny

Application will be checked by GST authority in terms of proper documents and details.

Action Required by you

Just sit Back and Relax

Action By Legaldocs

We’ll Follow up on the Application and Resolve queries Raised by GST Department

Day 11


Congratulations, your GST Registration is successful.

Action Required by you

You’ll Receive a Mail From GST Department having Login ID and password. you need to Logi to the Portal and Download the GST Certificate

Action By

 Will share a Link for your Review and Suggestion. Choose your filing packages as per your monthly invoices and we’ll do the filing for you.


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