About Client

Our client is a Chicago-based company offering high-end men’s fashion accessories like belts,
wallets, bracelets, and more. They design products that are smart, innovative, and functional.
The team is passionate about great designs offering their clientele a design that suits today’s
modern lifestyle. Each and every product is made from high-quality material for durability. The
client wanted organic as well as ad campaign for their online store to increase their website
traffic and sales, and reach out to customers who are looking for products infused with great

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
Social shares by network

The Challenge

Our client offers high-end products but they were lacking behind as they didn’t have a proper marketing strategy. They wanted to increase their online traffic and improve SERP rankings. They needed a strategy and action plan to technically implement it. The client wanted Arya eCommerce to address the following issues that they were facing with their eCommerce website.
  • Increase relevant website traffic
  • Increase Revenue from Sales
  • Increase inquiries for Services
  • Carrying out an SEO audit of the website
  • Fixing the issues on the website

The Solution

Arya eCommerce proposed a three-stage plan to enhance the organic traffic of the website. It consisted of robust keyword research and market sizing. The next stage consisted of optimizing all the main web pages. Finally, stage 3 consisted of integrating SEO into the business processes of the client. With a clearer road map, Arya eCommerce provided a consistent flow of new, optimized online content that would continue to boost the pre-existing online sales. Keeping in mind the demand of the client, Arya eCommerce provided a paid media strategy to hit online targets. The setup and launch of the paid media channels were completed to make the most of the online market. A robust testing plan was created focusing on the key market factors to ensure that messaging resonated with the target audience. Creative updates helped boost awareness and drive the presence of the brand online. Following marketing strategies and the tactics were used by Arya eCommerce to implement them:
  • SEO strategy development and execution
  • Google Analytics and setting up of goals
  • Content optimization with prominent calls-to-action
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Customer segmentation and market penetration
  • Market positioning and price parity


The result of our SEO efforts our PPC campaigns were noticeable. Since the implementation of these changes, there has been an upsurge of 48 % via organic search and PPC advertisement to the client’s website.
  • 48% increase in the overall website traffic
  • 32% increase in the organic website traffic
  • The number of new users on the website is up by 58%
  • Increase in customer queries by 63%
  • Improvement of client website ranking on SERPs

Client’s Feedback

Working with Arya eCommerce has been a pleasure, as they were able to come on board and turn our website ranking around. The work done by the team and their understanding of organic traffic and paid marketing landscape helped expand our outreach manifold. Great reporting processes from the team. We will continue to use the services of Arya eCommerce for years to come.

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