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Amazon is without a doubt, an incredible marketing and sales platform. If you want worldwide-reach, brand awareness and increased sales then getting a handle on Amazon Marketing Efficiency is paramount. This means creating a strategy which addresses all the pain points of marketing your products while yielding high-impact metrics. The platform is constantly evolving, and competition can be tough. Amazon marketing efficiency is a full-time effort similar to the way a day trader builds strategy to profit from the stock market.

Amazon Marketing Efficiency means using Amazon tools to boost your product sales and awareness to its full capability. It is important to have an effective marketing strategy that will help your brand stand out among the millions of other sellers. With the right partner, you can achieve marketing efficiency and focus on what you do best. Growing your business!

Amazon Advertising Solutions

A good starting point is getting to know a few ways to advertise your products. Here are some Amazon advertising solutions you can use as you start your Amazon journey:

Sponsored Display Ads

Formerly called Product Display Ads, Sponsored Display target consumers based on products and interests. These help you grow your Amazon business by showing your products to the people who need to see it. Consumers who have previously seen your product or browsing through related products will be able to see them. They appear right below the current product they are viewing. They can also appear on the Amazon home page, related product pages, searches, and even third-party sites. They are easily created ads that can fit any budget.

Sponsored Products Ads

Sponsored Products are CPC or cost-per-click ads. They will help you promote specific, individual product listing that you have on Amazon. Sponsored Products ads appear within product detail pages as well as Amazon’s search results page. The main goal of this campaign is to promote individual products in your store and drive sales.

You can do this by helping your consumers find you with the right set of keywords. Strategic use of keywords is essential to help you reach your target consumers. You will not have to think of them all by yourself though. There are resources that can help you curate a list of relevant keywords relevant to your consumers.

Sellers operating on a tight budget will find Sponsored Products Ads cost-efficient as they only require a minimum daily budget of $1. The right keywords paired with controlled CPC spends and bid per click equals Amazon marketing efficiency. High-impact advertising with minimum effort.

Sponsored Brands Ads

Like Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands are keyword-driven, cost-per-click advertising. However, instead of individual products Sponsored Brands fosters brand awareness by featuring your company logo, a headline customized for you and multiple product lines.

Ads appear at the top of relevant results page helping consumers discover your brand and product portfolio. When consumers click on your logo, they are taken to your store’s landing page. This allows them to discover more products engaging shoppers in a branded experience.

Sponsored Brands are on cost-per-click (CPC) basis. This means you only pay for clicks and you can control cost. Because of the premium placement, this type of advertising has a higher cost as well. Still, it will depend on the keywords and product categories you are targeting.

Your Amazon Marketing Strategy

If you are looking to tap into Amazon’s consumers, here are a few important things to consider when developing a marketing strategy:

· Start with an excellent product and service. Simple, no? In recent years, there is an obvious increase of consumers online and there is nothing more important than being able to compete with other brands and sellers. This means delivering high quality service that can easily translate to positive reviews and attract more buyers. Being able to provide a positive customer experience helps gain customer loyalty that will benefit your brand exponentially. The more positive reviews your products have, the more drawn other consumers will be. Word of mouth may be an age-old marketing strategy, but it is none the less efficient.

· Harness the power of digital marketing. If you are new to Amazon, or simply need a boost in your sales, having a trusted digital marketing partner can spell all the difference. With most of the purchasing now happening through Amazon, it is the perfect time to improve and update your catalog to boost your product visibility online. Take the time to create detailed and well-optimized Amazon product listings. Work towards getting your new products listed as fast as possible.

· Timing is key. If you are handling the shipping of your sales to your consumers, ensure that your deliveries will be as timely as possible. Any delays, whether that be shipping or restocking, will hurt your brand’s image. Shipping delays will also discourage your consumers from purchasing your products again. It is important that you maintain a trusted presence with your buyers. If your consumers trust you, then their loyalty will stay with your brand and with your products.

· Consider advertising services. Ensure that your team is efficient enough and ready to handle an increased Amazon presence. If they are not, you can opt for an experienced e-commerce partner that focuses on digital marketing, specifically on Amazon. Your chosen partner will drive traffic to your Amazon listings through different social media platforms and advertising channels.

· Always expect the unexpected. No matter how much you prepare for problems, it still will not be easy when they come. There will be frustrations because of delays and miscommunication. Your consumers may also feel frustrated. With this, it is important to always remain patient and calm. Keep a friendly and open communication with your consumers no matter how stressed you are. Take the initiative in announcing delays. Be flexible with returns and keep your consumers up to date about their orders.

· Keep up with the times. Observe current market behavior, learn, and innovate. It is undeniable that certain events can change consumer behavior. Case in point the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recent months we have seen a shift in buyer behavior and shopping has increasingly been shifting to digital means. So far, the years 2020 and 2021 are seeing a huge shift from consumers with their buying habits that will surely have a long-lasting impact in the business world. The brands that can take advantage the most of this shifting market will see the greatest potential for growth in their business in the coming years.

Marketing on Amazon is not that different to marketing on other channels. Keep in mind that Amazon Marketing Efficiency is simply being wise in choosing how to reach your consumers and best highlight your products. Target consumers, provide value, think strategically and act tactically. If you keep those in mind, there is no doubt that you will see positive results with your products and brand.

E-commerce Solutions

If you are planning to sell on Amazon, want to boost online sales or simply want to have your own website, Arya E-Commerce is the perfect digital partner for you. We offer an array of e-commerce solutions from web development to digital marketing. Its time your business takes center stage!

Amazon Marketing Solutions

We provide Amazon marketing solutions so you can focus on your company’s productivity without spending all resources on advertising. With Arya E-Commerce, you can optimize advertising campaigns, boost brand awareness and influence buyer behavior without the guess work.

Digital Marketing

Arya E-Commerce provides digital marketing solutions to help boost your business. We help you create effective strategies so your company can stay on top amid the shifting markets in this digital world. Help your customers find you by establishing an online presence with a trusted marketing partner.

Amazon Storefront

Place your products in the best light with an attractive storefront that showcase who you are as a brand. We provide custom solutions that will make your business stand out from the rest of the competition.

Amazon SEO

SEO matters, it’s a fact. Let our expertise work to your advantage so customers can easily find your products and your brand. Amazon’s Search Algorithm can be a pretty tricky maze and we are here to help you navigate it.

Social Media Marketing

A carefully thought-out social media strategy will promote your brand and product, engage users and eventually convert leads into loyal customers. Having the right social media manager can help set you up for success.

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